Rob Rainford

Two Guys and Their Grills

There are two men who define the purity of grill and barbecue cooking, and they're both Canadians, both incredibly talented — and both really nice guys.

Video: Chef Rob Rainford's Jerk Spot Prawn Recipe

Toronto chef Rob Rainford shares his family BBQ jerk shrimp recipe from his latest cookbook.

Click here for the video.

Summer Grilling with Rob Rainford on CityLine

The BBQ Guru Shares Secrets From His Cookbook 'Born To Grill'

With all respect to the humble hamburger, there’s so much more you can cook on your BBQ.

NOW Talks with Rob Rainford on June 5

Chef Rainford will be cooking up one of the recipes from his new book to share with the audience and will show us why he was Born to Grill!

Join NOW Drinks columnist Graham Duncan in conversation with Rob Rainford, a professionally-trained Canadian chef, host of License To Grill and author of the The Rainford Method of grilling, as they talk about Rainford's Born To Grill: Over 100 Recipes from My Backyard to Yours.

Rainford was born in Jamaica and grew up in downtown Toronto, surrounded by the smells of sizzling grills.

Rob Rainford's Tips for Running a Successful Restaurant

Rob Rainford was recently featured in Top Choice Magazine, giving some tips and on what it takes to run a successful restaurant. Click here to view the article.

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